Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Ok, apparently part of being me is just being goofy occasionally. So, here it is:

Moments before sitting down to write this I was dancing around my room with tiny little white things in my ears. No - not bugs - I have now officially joined the rest of humanity, and own my very first iPod. Joy bliss and rapture - this is absolutley the coolest thing in the universe at this moment.

I'm sure there is some deeper reflection I could make about the effect of this new technology on our listening habits, but right now I'm just going to go play with my new toy.



lily said...

welcome to the world of the ipod whore, in which you will find that you will indeed do anything for your ipod.

What did you name him?

Claire said...

She doesn't have a name yet - I'm pondering a few. Any suggestions?