Sunday, October 09, 2005


I know this is supposed to be strictly for musical musings, but something has happened that I feel is big enough to deserve credence here.

I have actually used eh? in a sentence.   Without prompting, and without thinking about it.  

This is disturbing to me on a number of levels.  One, because I never even really picked up Pittsburgh-eze, and I’ve lived there my whole life (it’s wash, not worsh), and Two, because it actually means that I am somehow becoming Canadian.


But, I suppose there are worse things to be – an American at this particular juncture, perhaps.  I just wonder what sort of backlash I’m going to have when I leave here and move to DC…will I have to get an immigrant visa?  The “former American turned Canadian” pass?  

But, like I said, there are worse things, eh?


lily said...

There are far worse things, such as, having a random hispanic accent underwriting words such as "successful" and "potomac." I still cant say that damn word. We love Canada.

margaret kelley said...

i was once a canadian - or quebecoise, that is.