Thursday, June 15, 2006

And the hunt begins!

Graduation - complete.

Move from Canada - complete

Job search - beginning...

What an odd prospect this is. I've never been particularly good at selling myself, so being in a position where I need to do exactly that is a bit intimidating. But, it must be done!

So, here is my general plea to the ether - if anyone would like to give me a well paying job in music journalism, preferably in the DC area, I would be honored to accept. Thank you very much.

Well, perhaps not just yet. First there is the larger, more looming need - to go to Japan.

That's right, I will be crossing seas and continents and traveling to the land of the rising sun this july, as an expedition of...well, adventure, I suppose. I am dutifully studying my japanese phrasebooks, and trying to mentally prepare myself for the muggy weather, but otherwise just sitting around and occasionally starting with the revalation - "I'm actually going to japan."

So cool.

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