Monday, October 16, 2006

Day 1 (upon reflection)

There was a moment when I considered going back and editing my entry from last night - but that would be against the spirit of the blog, I think, and cause for a completely tangential debate. So it stays as is, rambling, impressionistic, and I can only hope VAGUELY comprehensible, and I add this.

One of the themes brought up throughout our introductory remarks was the idea of the isolation of the arts writer. Within the newsroom, there might be only one. Or, all stringers, so no community workspace at all. I even went and got a degree in this, and I still have the sensation that my colleagues might not even be out there at all.

But lo! I was at dinner last night with an entire group of people who FELT my consternation and dismay at someone who would include bar numbers in a concert review. People who had opinions on the role of the media in a musical community, who enjoyed talking about it, and who were admitted musical snobs about one thing or another. I found myself constantly startled, when I would make statements that normally elicit no response, or puzzled looks, now were starters for entire conversations.

This bodes quite well.

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