Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dial M for Musicology

This is a blog I'm trying to be better about following, and a post of particular note


Dial M for Musicology always has interesting things to say, and with the bevy of young performers tromping through Performance Today on a regular basis, this question comes up. The boy singing the Queen of the Night aria is a particular case (anyone else think he looks like someone from the little rascals) but how do you balance extraordinary talent with natural personal growth?

They didn't answer, and neither can I. But I do generally think that there are some kids who can handle it, by some miracle far greater than their musical gifts, and others that simply can't. Only time can possibly tell which it will be.

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gwiz said...

this is a nice blog... and I dig the black design on the side... but it really interferes with the reading (covers parts of the text!).

Maybe you could just flip it to the other side of the page, which seems to be mostly blank?..