Tuesday, November 07, 2006

MA Thesis Survey

A request:

My friend Paul Aitken is completing his MA, and working on a thesis discussing online musical communities (like this one, and many more). He's conducting research by asking people to fill out a survey on their habits and thoughts about the subject.

It's an interesting process, and he's doing some fascinating work. I'd encourage everyone to take a look and fill it out, and forward it on as you will. It's an almost totally unexplored topic, and the more real life responses he gets, the clearer the picture will be to all of those old fogey academics who still think that life on the Internet is virtual. Pah.

The Survey


Selections from his introductory note:

My thesis seeks to examine some of the major issues surrounding the building
and maintaining of online musical communities. Through observation and
participation in blog culture, online music forums, and filesharing
communities, I will be discussing aspects of online music promotion and
consumption from both artist- and audience-centred perspectives. As this
project is concerned with aspects of community and communication in online
environments, I feel it is absolutely necessary to ground these phenomena in
real practice. To this end, the inclusion of commentary by those who make
up Internet communities provides for interesting points of departure for
further investigation.

I am very intrigued to hear what individuals have to say about their
experiences with music online. I hope that the questionnaire is as fun for
you to fill out as I know it will be for me to read!

If you wish more information please contact me at thesis@paulaitken.com

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