Monday, January 08, 2007


A strange thing:

Cell phones on public transit can be a touchy subject. On one hand, it totally makes sense for people to use them, as that's kind of what they're for - to keep in touch while in transit. However, since no one can escape you if they DON'T want to hear your call, it's a little strange too...second-hand conversation.

Today in riding the bus, I was flanked by two men on cell phones. One was speaking in English, the other in a language I couldn't identify. For almost the entirety of my 15 minute ride, they spoke in almost complete synchronicity - every pause, every "uh-huh" and "OK"....long waits for responses on the other end, then off to the races again with a long stream of jabbering. They could have been speaking to the same person, in was like some kind of bizarre stereo. And it was so skillfully done, that I'm still not entirely sure which was the straight man in the gag.

By the end, almost every rider was looking at them in consternation, with the rest of us trying desperately not to laugh.

Chance, candid camera, or social commentary? It's hard to know for sure.

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