Tuesday, April 24, 2007

All the world's a stage

This post from Inside Higher Education shows how the backlash from tragic current events can be taken in wierd directions - namely, banning the use of stage weaponry (swords and the like) from a theater production at Yale.

The article itself shows some of the incredulity inherent in this kind of decision - how does one make the leap from a mass shooting at Virginia Tech to the parrying of words and daggers in a theater? - but what I actually like best is the comments section.

Firstly, Thus:

Does the Dean know Yale has a fencing team?

The wonders of a literate audience:
“Et tu Eli”
He was stabbed on the steps of the Forum
Even though there
wasn’t a quorum;
But to stage it at Yale
Will land you in jail.
“Et tu
Eli!” ... you’ll bore-em.

and to sum it up nicely:

“Holdren said her main concern wasn’t the limitation on her production
but the limitation on artistic expression.”
Not to mention the limitation on freaking common sense.

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