Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It's taken me weeks - weeks - to get up the guts to do this. It's something like seeing an ex for the first time...the first time I write on my blog in almost a year.

I could have let it go a year. It might have been some kind of record. But I figure a post now, a post in another few weeks, and maybe, just maybe I'll get back on track.

This started out as a blog about music, and I still do have music in my life, even though my day job takes me more towards the culinary than cantabile (crescendo? courrante? counterpoint?). I'm doing my disc reviews and song of the day things, and trying to keep my vocabulary of synonyms in shape.

The biggest change - I'm making music. Yes, I am in a band.

It's strange, being the critic on the other end. On one hand, I can keep my distance and just enjoy myself. But on the other, my mind is whirling, trying to classify our sound, hear the influences, judge every aspect. That part drives me nuts, and arouses the temptation to strangle that critical voice with my pickup cable.

Soon enough I'll find out how this really works - we have our first real show. After a year of playing the occasional house party, we will be in a real venue. It's part of a festival, so we only have about 25 minutes, but who knows what will come after?

For the moment, at a time when my 5-hour IU playing habits seem like ancient history, I'm just trying to remember how this thing called a violin works. The pointy stick goes in the right hand, right?

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