Monday, November 28, 2005

don't dance to the music

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I'm still in a bit of a tryptophan and carbohydrate induced haze...but it's wonderful.

I have, however, realized that it has now been 4 days since I have listened to any music at all. This is very weird for me - my ipod's been in my bag, the radio hasn't been on...I've watched more TV than normal, but it just hasn't come up. And I'm starting to feel a little strange about it - I always figured that it was just an everpresent thing, or certainly that I would notice that it was missing more quickly than this. But I suppose life can take over even the most basic instincts sometimes.

But now I have reading to do, so out are coming the earbuds. I suppose a few days of silence will also help me better prepare myself for the 18 hour iPod marathon I'm planning...but more on that later.

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