Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bad Blogger! Bad, bad blogger!

So my personal promise to write every day finally fell through, and
possibly on the most incredible day of the whole institute. In my
defense, problems with the Days in network broke the stream, and then
it just slipped away from there...

Anyway, end of excuses. A few highlights from the last few days.

Reich @ 70 at Carnegie hall. There are few words to describe an
experience of this magnitude. Pat Metheny, Kronos Quartet, and the
man himself and his musicians. The sound of electric counterpoint
bouncing back and forth off of the palisades of that magnificent hall,
feeling the reverberations in every seat and seam of the place. The
mechanical grace of Music for 18 Musicians, as each part intertwines
and the musicians relieve each other at their posts. Even more than
the performances, it was a chance to watch other people absorbing this
music. Some grooved in their seat, others sat in rapt attention,
others blissed with their eyes closed. But everyone was there,
experiencing this one moment, together.

Cosi Fan Tutti at the New York City opera was resplendent, Valery
Gergiev and the NY Phil playing Shostakovich triumphant. Concert
moment after concert moment, each more mindblowing than the last.

And now, suddenly, it's all over.

It's too overwhelming to even describe what the whole experience was.
Too many friendships started, contacts made, thought processes begun.
I feel like it will all filter back in over the next few weeks, and
begin to make sense. I feel so fortunate to have had the chance to
meet all of these amazing people, and hear such incredible music.

I entered into the institute with the hope that it would give me some
clarity, some direction. I haven't quite gotten there yet. I don't
know where to go from here. But I have more hope now than I did going
in. Partially because it reinforced for me that there is no set way
to get where I'm going, and I'm not too late, or under accomplished.
Whatever I do next, it will be the next thing, if not the perfect one.
And that's ok.

Out of the dream, and back to the real world.

If any of my fellow institute-ees are reading this - it was an honor,
and a pleasure.

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