Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cover Madness

Two in one day - and my moments of Zen multiply.

First, from a CD I'm working to review for Exclaim! , a band called Badi Assad covered Annie Lennox's "Sweet Dreams" - the sound is ever the more etheral rather tahn sticky poppy when put to a wonderful Brazilian guitar and percussion, with a fantastic vocalist.

Then, a package from my most beloved J-pop pimps, Rachel and Keiko - the newest single from Bennie K. The single is cool, but even better is track 2 - a cover of the Stones' "Satisfaction". Give it a try.


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Hi! :) I'm from Brazil and just saw Badi Assad's concerts this weekend in São Paulo! And she played "Sweet Dreams", of course... :)
Have you heard her entire CD, "Wonderland"? :) You will find it astonishing, I bet! One of the most I like is her cover of "Black Dove" (Tori Amos)... If you need any information about Badi for your review, maybe I can help you. I LOOOOOVE this singer! :) She's a goddess...

Claire said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm reviewing wonderland right now, and really enjoying it thus far.

Tim said...

Hey Claire, just so's ya knows, Badi Assad is the sister of classical guitar super stars Sergio and Odair Assad. They are the most amazing guitar duo I've ever seen. I actually reviewed one of their CDs last year. When I saw them play live in Toronto at the Ford Centre, I actually went home and recorded the radio broadcast of the performance.

Come to Canada some day so we can hang out again!