Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The endless search

An article in the New York Times drew me to look at the personals section in the London Review of Books.

I had heard of these before, but never looked myself - and my incessant giggling was enough to earn me several odd looks from the co-workers who can hear me beyond the flimsy walls of my cubicle cave.

My personal favorite:

A friend once bought me a pair of novelty underpants that had a caption on the front reading "‘In case of fire break glass"’. I didn'’t understand what it meant until they did actually catch fire in the tumble dryer because they were acrylic and I had the setting on too high. The door melted shut and sure enough I had to break the glass to put the fire out. Replacement dryers are very expensive. As such I would like to meet a nice woman who won'’t set fire to my underpants. Stupid, stupid man, 51. Box no. 2206

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