Thursday, January 08, 2009

Andrew Bird - 'Noble Beast' preview on NPR

It's one of those things about people knowing you're a violinist, that anything vaguely having to do with violin should automatically be your favorite. "Man, you should TOTALLY listen to Bond! Those girls play violin, right?"

I'd also heard quite a bit about Andrew Bird, but hadn't had a chance to listen for myself to see if this was a listen-by-association or a real deal...but NPR solved my problem by putting his new album up for free preview.

Yes, that's right, listen to the whole thing for free. NPR - I hate you for firing my friends, but you do still have good ideas sometime. Rah rah rah digital media!

From my first blush listen, this is an album with much to recommend it beyond his unusual instrumentation. It vacillates between an indie-spaciness and rooted folkyness, listenable and sweet. "Natural Disaster" is my favorite of this second, the pointillist layers of banjo, violin, and vibraphone backing Birds slightly muffled tenor.

Go. Listen.

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Paul Aitken said...

Hey! Thanks for posting this - I went right ahead and listened to the NPR stream, and then immediately found a pre-release on a private torrent site (Rah Rah indeed!) The album is great, quite a palette of sounds. "Not A Robot, But A Ghost" has a real late-Radiohead vibe to it.