Thursday, January 22, 2009

Song of the Day - Run On Sentence "Old Stonewall"

Run On SentenceAnother song of the day up today, with a new favorite on my playlists, Run On Sentence. It's a really nice blend of folksy songwriting and instrumental chops without any of the whinyness that can sometimes result.

Here's just a little taste:
In "Stonewall," Hamman takes his sharp-edged croon for a lumbering, jazzy stroll. The song finds him ambling along after Old Stonewall as he stumbles on his way: "Stonewall, I can't believe my eyes / I see you're still just hanging around / at the Red and Black Café / I got news for you, son, that ain't no YMCA."
You can read the rest of the review and take a listen over at

NPR - Run On Sentence: A Lumbering Stroll

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appleeyed said...

Claire, your blog is great and I love your NPR reviews. We were friends at Meadowmount (ten years ago!?): Rachel Lyon. Remember? What a strange summer that was. So glad to see you are still musicking with sarcasm and success.